An immersiveness that “spills into real life”

 – Brendan Kiley, The Seattle Times

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ARTBARN SignatureA work-in-progress showing of a new, site-specific, immersive piece about women – how we come together in crisis and perhaps how before that crisis we have the luxury or arrogance to be apart.  Please join us in Warner Gym at the University of Puget Sound. Here are directions to campus and a map to locate the gym.

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ARTBARN is a collective of innovative artists from across disciplines and around the country who gather for an annual residency to collaboratively generate original, site-specific work. 


ARTBARN was founded in 2013 with the intention of developing a unique residency model in which artists can create site-specific work collaboratively. We do this by pairing a full year of research and development among our core creative team with a compressed residency model with a full company. We bring actors, designers, dramaturgs, a director, a writer, and a chef together from around the country for an intensive residency in which we rehearse and build the show within the performance site, utilizing the unique architecture of the space and crafting a truly immersive experience for audiences. Each day the company gathers around a large table to share meals and open up opportunities for organic collaboration and meaningful connection. The residency culminates in public performances inviting audiences to follow a story through a variety of environments – through bedrooms, into the woods, across lawns, past turbines, and into small crevasses. The outcome mirrors the immersive nature of the residency and creates an audience experience that is part theatre, part installation, part walking tour, and part shared meal. Learn more

Jess K Smith
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Melissa D. Brown
Kate Baker Linsley
Clare Hatlo

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