ARTBARN 2014 Cast reveal: DAVE DROXLER


Dave DroxlerDave is a powerhouse performer with what often feels like a limitless range. Also, you may recognize his mug from the film Limitless with Bradley Cooper. His extensive background in clowning make him endlessly captivating and surprising to watch on stage. He has a great ability to keep a moment alive and make rapid turns between hilarious and heartbreaking. The result is exhilarating and the process is always a complete joy. Dave is a dream to work with and we can’t wait to get in the room and start playing! To make things even better, Dave and Joel are great friends and attended college together where they played brothers. Now, after thirteen years, they’ll be reunited as brothers again. And while we are making This is a Ghost House, Dave will also be preparing for his biggest role yet – FATHER to the baby growing inside his beautiful wife Chelsey right now!

1. What is something you collect?

Comic books, silent film memorabilia and films

2. What feels like home to you?

* Mabel

I apologize for the sentimentality, but it’s seeing Chelsey sitting on the couch with Mabel*, both when I wake up in the morning and when I get home from being out. Anytime our schedules don’t line up for that to happen I feel empty. Also, us sitting on the couch together or at a dinner table (either at home or at a restaurant) and knowing that we can happily have long conversations about anything or, just as happily, not say a single word to one another and know that that’s all right.

3. Tell us a secret

I sometimes have urges to knock people over to see how they react. But I then have immediate guilt for something I didn’t do (and would actually NEVER do) and get scared that I will be arrested. Cause I probably would.

4. What is one of the most transformative experiences you’ve had making or seeing art?

I did a college production of The Normal Heart and it was the first time I felt like I understood how to connect with an audience where we all felt like we were in this together. It’s what got me to the emotional point I needed to arrive at every night. It was like we were an artistic amoeba witnessing a happening together. My memory of many moments within those scenes are from an outside perspective, as if I were having an out of body experience and I was one of the audience members witnessing this character’s demise.


DAVE DROXLER – New York: Drama Desk nominated The Man Who Laughs (Stolen Chair Theater), Honky (Urban Stages), Sweetie (Signature Ford Studio), Gold Coast (Metropolitan Playhouse), Character: a one-man clown show (Prospect Theater), Regional: Last Gas (Penobscot Theater), The Lonesome West, Mojo (The Pittsburgh Rep Co.), The History Boys (Pittsburgh Irish and Classical). Film: “Remorse”, “Limitless”, “Writer’s Block”, “Project: Valkyrie”. TV: “How to Get Away With Murder” (ABC pilot starring Viola Davis). Much thanks and love to two of my favorite brilliant artists, Jess Smith and Melissa Brown. And thrilled, after 13 years, to play Joel’s brother again. Never ending love to my Chelsey and our baby currently hiding within her belly!