Kathryn Van Meter

Kathryn is a fantastic collaborator and brings a wealth of experience to every rehearsal room. She is perhaps the most prolific and well-regarded choreographer in Seattle. She has choreographed (and in some cases co-directed) some of the largest productions on the stages of the 5th Avenue, Village Theatre, and Seattle Children’s Theatre. Her work is continually recognized for serving the narrative needs of the show while simultaneously offering visually compelling stage pictures. Her collaborations include large-scale musicals, a corporate flashmob event, plays with puppets, a Seattle Sonic’s halftime show, work with teenagers and even a generative theatrical conversation between high school students in Issaquah, WA, Hendersonville, NC, and Johannesburg, South Africa. She’s an accomplished performer, has a fantastic laugh, and helps her collaborators continually stay open to the creative process. What a gift!

1. What is something you collect?

Books — always around, always there, I’ve dragged them around the country and the world, when I could fit all of my possessions in the world in my car, there were still multiple boxes of books.

2. What feels like home to you?

I have Hallmark thoughts of homes long ago-little houses on prairies with horses and Pa and flapjacks.  Cliche Christmas homes with presents under trees and Santa at the door post sleigh bells ringing on a roof of reindeer paws.  Fantasies of tepees and war cries, dancing around fires with masks of the animal tribes of our souls.  Grandpa and the pool cleaner held higher and higher teaching me how to dive.  A hobbit hole of small ceilings rimmed with glowing bulbs- a furry nest, an owl perched above, under covers, reading.

3. Tell us a secret

I’m incredibly shy on the inside.

4. What is one of the most transformative experiences you’ve had making or seeing art?

In trying to pick just one, I realized what they have in common

  1. they have transformed my concept of what I think is possible in the form and what I myself am capable of
  2. everyone involved put the art above their ego
  3. there was the moment of “this isn’t going to happen”  not the standard moment that every show has- the moment you know is coming and tomorrow will be gone- the other one- the one where you really think “oh fuck, what have i done?”


Kathryn Van Meter has created from Kentucky to Cape Town, Seattle to Siberia. Actress, choreographer, director, teacher she loves stories of triumph and redemption, joy and laughter, pathos and passion. Leading up to this piece, Kathryn has also embodied a cat (Jennyanydots),  a dog (Sylvia), a girl possessed by a hawk who guards the fountain of youth (a play by Yeats), Lulu  the fairy mascot for the Seattle Public Library and Titania, queen of all the fairies. She has choreographed Faith Prince, Debbie Reynolds, Howard Schultz and Anthony Rapp (although not at the same time) and has developed musicals about electric shock therapy, teen addiction and online child pedophilia (although not in the same show). She has staged a flash mob for Starbucks, choreographed a chorus of 250 men singing to your favorite songs from the 80s, and danced in the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.  Kathryn developed One World Through Theatre– a theatrical conversation between teens in Washington, North Carolina and South Africa.   She is a graduate of The College of William and Mary, a member of SDC and the Sandbox Artist’s Collective.