Nick is an exceptionally smart actor with an impressive resume and a real love for the process of making theatre. He dives in fully to the process regardless of whether it’s one of Shakespeare’s histories, a generative piece, or a new cutting of an old play he’s obsessing over. He describes himself as a collector of information in his response to one of our questions below, which is so abundantly clear in his approach to theatre. When he joins a project, he begins by immediately engaging in research to understand the world of the play, the playwright, and the characters. He comes to the rehearsal room with curiosity and a mind full of ideas. He studies the nuances of the text and helps his collaborators re-hear it. Moreover, he’s a gift of a friend and great partner to bounce big and little ideas around with. Conversations with Nick over the years have been instrumental in helping to articulate the goals of ARTBARN so we are elated to have him join in making This is a Ghost House this year!

1. What is something you collect?

I don’t collect physical objects because they make me anxious, so I collect information. I observe.

2. What feels like home to you?

Home to me is good food with people I love, regardless of place.

3. Tell us a secret

I get very nervous in large gatherings.

4. What is one of the most transformative experiences you’ve had making or seeing art?

One of the most transformative experiences I had was a few years ago when I decided, as an experiment, I would go a bit more ‘method’ than usual. I lived certain aspects of that character and immersed myself in all the details. I have to say, and maybe I’m not Daniel Day Lewis here, but it’s effective.


NICK DILLENBURG – NYC – Hater (Ohio Theatre), Henry V in Henry V (Walkerspace), Taking Leave (MCC Freshplay). REGIONAL – Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre Company (four shows in the past four seasons), Guthrie Theater, Berkshire Theatre Festival, Pioneer Theatre, Commonwealth Shakespeare, Utah Shakespeare Festival, Capitol Repertory, New Repertory, and the Bermuda Festival of the Arts. TV – Elementary, Person of Interest, Law and Order. MFA – University of Connecticut.