A R T B A R N  +  T H E  S A T O R I
G R O U P  P R E S E N T


A site-specific performance in the Georgetown Steam Plant
June 16 – 25, 2016

A new work inspired by an old space. WE REMAIN PREPARED takes audiences inside the historic Georgetown Steam Plant. Past turbines, amid boilers and valves, we follow Kimmel & Powell & Gray–the three workers left behind to keep the motors running. Loyalists to the Gilbreth system of efficiency, they pledge to maintain a constant state of readiness for as long as they are needed.

And then a year goes by. And a decade. A century. And maybe twenty centuries more. And when the world outside has finally faded from memory, Kimmel & Powell & Gray begin building their own worlds – civil engineers in the making.

But what will happen when the old world comes crashing back in? Will their new cities survive the shock?


ARTBARN and the Satori Group first met in the spring of 2008 and immediately saw each other as peers, muses, mentors, and teachers. Both companies revel in the hyper-theatrical, conjuring worlds that are bigger than most spaces can hold and most budgets can accommodate. In early 2015, when members of each company entered the Georgetown Steam Plant for the first time, we met a space that could not only accommodate the scale of our imaginations but required it in both process and product.

A year-long, bi-coastal devising process emerged, which will culminate in an intensive residency in Seattle in which both companies will live and work together. The resulting production will invite a city-wide audience to immerse themselves in the Steam Plant, following a performance inspired by the space and reflective of the community.