Designer Spotlight: Lacy Katherine Campbell

Lacy Spotlight
We are so thrilled to be working with Lacy, who recently moved to Seattle from Chicago. She comes to this city and this project with a wealth of experience working in spectacle of all scale. From tabletop puppetry to massive collaborations with companies like Redmoon Theater and Barrel of Monkeys, Lacy brings a pure and unbridled love of visual storytelling that’s brilliantly paired with a sophisticated aesthetic sensibility. Additionally, she comes to the development process as a performer, writer, director, and designer; making her an ideal collaborator in a room that asks each artist to engage holistically. We are so very glad to have met Lacy, to have her in Seattle (working with DANGERSWITCH and joining the 2016 Intiman Emerging Artist Program), and to have her bringing her insights, imagination, and investment to this project!

Some of our favorite shots from Lacy’s previous work:

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Three Questions with Lacy:

ONE thing that excites you about this project…
         Working with this room full of brainy, dreamy visionaries.

 Two essential ingredients you would use to build a world from scratch…
          1. an infinite supply of any one organic material, and 2. gaff tape

 Three words to describe WE REMAIN PREPARED…
           industrialist, humanist, baller AF

Lacy Katherine Campbell is a performer, designer and writer who divides her time between Seattle and Chicago. Recently named as a director for the 2016 Intiman Emerging Artists Program, she designs and performs for tabletop spectacle company Hearts & Brains (Puppet Curiosities at the Pocket, Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam, Spin the Bottle at Annex), and is a company member with DANGERSWITCH! (Big Bad at Ghostlight Theatricals) She also served as dramaturg for “Sundown at the Devil’s House” for Cafe Nordo’s Pressure Cooker series.

Chicago credits and theater family include Barrel of Monkeys, Redmoon, and The Hypocrites, with performance and design for Albany Park Theater Project, Redmoon Theater, Chicago Shakespeare, Barrel of Monkeys, Silk Road Rising, Rivendell Theatre Ensemble, The Paper Machete, as well as voiceover and on-camera work for network television and feature films.