Designer Spotlight: Jessica Trundy

Trundy Spot

We have been working in development with Jessica Trundy on this piece for a full year and are elated she’s one half of a phenomenal lighting design team we’ve assembled to meet the needs of this massive space. Jessica comes to this project with an impressive background in both theatrical and architectural lighting (including a prolific freelance career and serving as Senior Designer and Project Manager at DePelecyn Studio), which makes her uniquely well suited for the Georgetown Steam Plant. In addition to her impressive resume of projects, Jessica is a powerhouse collaborator. She takes real joy out of the whole development process and is an incredibly insightful voice in the room.  We’ve felt lucky to have her in the room from the beginning and are thrilled with the initial ideas she has for tackling a space of this scale.

Some of our favorite shots from Jessica’s previous work:

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Three Questions with Jessica:

ONE thing that excites you about this project…
       So many talented brains in one gorgeous room

TWO essential ingredients you would use to build a world from scratch…
Visqueen and Rope.

 THREE words to describe WE REMAIN PREPARED
          Order.. Survival. Release.

Jessica Trundy
is delighted to be collaborating with Satori/ARTBARN as part of the “WRP” team. Her work has previously been seen at ACT Theatre, Seattle Children’s Theatre, On the Boards, Seattle Shakespeare Company, Book-it Repertory Theatre, Washington Ensemble Theatre, and Seattle Repertory Theatre, among others. She holds a M.F.A. from the University of Washington, was a Founder of Washington Ensemble Theatre, and works in Seattle as a theatrical and architectural lighting designer.