Actor Spotlight: Liza Curtiss

Liza Spot

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Satori’s own Liza Curtiss, who is playing the role of Ernestine and also serving as a valuable member of the producing team for WE REMAIN PREPARED. Liza’s insightful leadership, imaginative writing, intensive research, and innovative and expressive approaches to character have been invaluable in the development of this project for well over a year. In fact, her character is born from her investment. Ernestine, famed American industrial psychologist and engineer Lillian Gilbreth’s daughter and co-author of Cheaper by the Dozen, emerged from a desire to highlight Liza’s curious spirit and showcase more of the research we were finding. Liza has already deepened this process immeasurably and we can’t wait to feature her earnest love of the material with you!

Some of our favorite shots from Liza’s previous work:

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Three Questions with Liza:

ONE thing that excites you about this project…

TWO essential ingredients you would use to build a world from scratch…
        Music and Matriarchy

 THREE words to describe WE REMAIN PREPARED
Magic in rebuilding

Liza Curtiss is a proud member of the Satori Group. With her company she has assistant directed, written, and acted in numerous plays, and is now adding producing to the list with WE REMAIN PREPARED! Outside of Satori, Liza has performed on a variety of stages, from Seattle to New York. Most recently she has explored film work, anticipating her first feature film out in early fall. Liza is excited for the chance to create a piece in such an inspiring historic space, and wants to thank Seattle City Lights for the opportunity!