Cast Spotlight: Carol Louise Thompson

Carol Spot

Carol Louise Thompson is electric. As a performer, a collaborator, a generative artist, and a person, she enters a room with impressive generosity. In fact, the character of Gray whom she’ll be playing was essentially created by her engagement and imagination throughout workshops. She helped our whole team see the full journey that this new recruit to the steam plant could undergo. Soon, the writing was flowing and Carol was consistently elevating it over and over again. We are honored to share this project with such a tremendously talented actor and have no doubt that there will be a lot of laughter throughout the residency process with Ms. Thompson around!

Some of our favorite shots from Carol’s previous work:

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Three Questions with Carol:

ONE thing that excites you about this project…
        Interacting physically and metaphysically with a building that has been a part of                     Seattle for so long. Letting my heart roots flow down deep.

TWO essential ingredients you would use to build a world from scratch…
        Sand, water

 THREE words to describe WE REMAIN PREPARED
         Cement, internal, salvation

Carol Louise Thompson
is an actor, improviser, and teacher in the Seattle area. She has worked with Village Theatre, ACT Theatre, Seattle Shakespeare Company, Northwest New Works Fest, Intiman Theatre, One Coast Collaboration, Annex Theatre, Washington Ensemble Theatre, and was nominated for a Gregory Award for acting. With her musical improv comedy group Ms. Thompson has performed at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, The Chicago Improv Festival, Spin the Bottle, Theater Schmeater, Balagan Theatre, and the Seattle Festival of Improv Theatre. She has guest taught ensemble generated theater at Williams College in Massachusetts, has taught with the Young Playwrights Program at ACT Theatre and Kidstage at Village Theater. She was a co-founder of The Platform, a playwriting workshop for homeless and at-risk youth where she served as co-producer and writing mentor for five years. She has served as a mentor with the Pongo Teen Writing project at King County Juvenile Detention for three yearsMs. Thompson is proud to be an associate artist with The Satori Group. The group was nominated last year for a Stranger Genius Award for Performance.