Cast Spotlight: Amber Wolfe

Amber Spot.png

Not only does Amber Wolfe thrill and engage audiences as an actor, she impresses as the lead singer of the band Miss Mamie Lavona the Exotic Mulatta and her White Boys, fosters creativity with young people as a teaching artist, and was recently known to have joined for a ride along as she pursues a career in Law Enforcement. For all of these reasons and many more, we are excited for Amber to be taking on the role of Lillian Gilbreth, the original power woman of engineering, most famous as the mother from Cheaper By the Dozen. 

Some of our favorite shots from Amber’ previous work:

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Three Questions with Amber:

ONE thing that excites you about this project…
        Running around the steam plant!

TWO essential ingredients you would use to build a world from scratch…
        imagination and gaff tape

 THREE words to describe WE REMAIN PREPARED
         industrial, human, fascination

Amber Wolfe
is a performer and teaching artist. She trains youth in movement, acting and stage combat. Amber is also pursuing a career in law enforcement. Teaching and acting credits include: Seattle Children’s Theatre, Studio East, Silver Kite Community Arts, The Northwest School, Seattle Public Theater, Wooden O Theatre.