RESEARCH: Jeff Wall’s “After ‘Invisible Man’ by Ralph Ellison, the Prologue”
REALIZATION: We Remain Prepared, ARTBARN 2016

When Jeff Wall was inspired by the unnamed african american character in Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, I’m sure he didn’t think that he would also be inspiring the theatre makers in ARTBARN. In its 2016 summer production of WE REMAIN PREPARED, the ARTBARN core team used aspects of Wall’s picture to influence the aesthetic inside Foreman Powell’s office. In Wall’s photo, he didn’t want to recreate a literal illustration of the text, instead he wanted to give form to the images that the book inspires. This just goes to show that artists can be influenced and inspired by so many different mediums of life! Jeff Wall has said that his images begin “from accidents in the street– events I witnessed by chance. These pictures are like that, except that the accident occurred when I happened to be reading a book. I had the same feeling reading […] that I have had many times when seeing something occur on the street or in some other place, a feeling that an opportunity for a picture was presented to me.”