Intern Spotlight: Liz Frost


We are excited to have had a full year working with Liz Frost, a senior Theatre Arts major, Math minor from the University of Puget Sound. This past fall, Liz was part of a small team of students from an Arts Entrepreneurship class that worked directly with ARTBARN to strategize ways to make our company stronger and more sustainable. At the same time, she was enrolled in Jess Smith’s Projects in Dramaturgy class focusing on the dramaturgy of site-specific and immersive models of theatre, which had both Deb O and Melissa D. Brown as guest artists. Now serving as an intern with us this Spring and a summer intern for ARTBARN 2017, we feel honored to have Liz’s exceptional artistic, entrepreneurial, and scholarly mind on our team helping to develop our summer internship program and promoting the company through Instagram and Facebook!

Three Questions with Liz:

What’s the best performance you’ve seen lately?

I saw Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. by Alice Birch produced by Washington Ensemble Theatre at 12th Ave Arts in Seattle. I had read the script before so I had an idea of what I was getting myself into. The performance far exceeded my expectations. Like with many plays I see, there were parts of the production that I questioned or didn’t agree with but I think that added to the message of the play.

What have you recently fallen in love with?

I was actually recently asked this question and I had two answers. One was my body, and the other was telling secrets. I have recently been feeling confident about my work in my body and movement as an actor and have started to trust my body and what it can add to my performances as an actor. Obviously loving my body, like with most things, is a very long process, but I’ve been enjoying it so far! The telling secrets thing has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, but I realized that if you’re unexpectedly vulnerable and open with people, they will feel more comfortable being open and honest. And I love being open and honest! So it all just makes sense.

What do you hope to gain from working with ARTBARN?

I hope to gain professional theatre experience and confidence when collaborating and working with people who have more experience than me. I’ve been a student my whole life and it is a role I am very comfortable fulfilling. However, as I transition out of college, the professional role will be new and scary. So having ARTBARN as a preliminary experience to a completely new job environment will hopefully be a fulfilling experience.

Liz Frost 
is a senior Theatre Arts major at the University of Puget Sound. In her time at Puget Sound she acted in Gnit by Will Eno (2016) and Macbeth by William Shakespeare (2015), set designed Gruesome Playground Injuries by Rajiv Joseph (2016), assistant directed Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare directed by Geoff Proehl (2016), and co-produced Town Crier Speaks Festival (2015).  As a continuation of her education, Ms. Frost trained at The Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland in their Summer Intensive Acting Program. Outside of the Pacific Northwest, she worked with New Swan Shakespeare Company, a Southern Californian Shakespeare company. She has the amazing opportunity of working with ARTBARN this year as an intern and social media liaison.