RESEARCH: Robert Frost’s “In The Home Stretch” (1920) 
REALIZATION: ARTBARN’s final scene of Home Stretch (2013)

Inspired by Robert Frost’s “In The Home Stretch”, ARTBARN’s amazing resident writer, Melissa D. Brown, brought the poem to life in their first production at the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony in 2013. Frost’s poem follows the story of a couple who, when they first arrive at their new home in the country, can see everything that lies ahead of them. The couple’s future, which should be a mystery, seems predestined and concrete even before they’ve lived it. Home Stretch, ARTBARN’s first production, followed the story of a man and a woman as they navigated the tension between the woods and the city. Interestingly enough, ARTBARN’s own core team members were navigating that tension for themselves between the intensity and momentum of life in New York City and the promise of balance and retreat that comes from the woods. In Home Stretch, the audience moved between scenes set in an urban apartment and a wooded home, even becoming part of the moving crew carrying boxes as the couple unpacked their city life into their new country home. With a set, designed by the wonderful Deb O, the audience experienced both the county and the city in this woodsy, whimsical setting. In the end, the man and woman fell asleep on a bed nestled in the woods and just as the poem ends, a symphony of chandeliers wrapped them in light. “Come, the light.”