Intern Spotlight: McKenna Johnson

mckenna johnson

The entire ARTBARN team is deeply indebted to McKenna, who seemed to always land the less-than-glamorous task of delicately weaving a curtain of paper clips for the 2016 production of We Remain PreparedIt was certainly an undertaking shared by all interns last year, but McKenna seemed to always be working tirelessly at the job. Beyond her tremendous work ethic, McKenna is unspecifiedalso an imaginative artist who blew her professor (Jess K Smith) away with her theoretical concept for a site-specific production of Marisol set throughout an abandoned automotive factory in Detroit. We knew then that we had to get McKenna on an ARTBARN project. We’re thrilled to have her back for a second season and excited to collaborate in a way that brings even more of her exciting ideas into the room!

Three questions with McKenna:

What’s the best performance you’ve seen lately?
I saw Tribes by Nina Raine at ACT in Seattle. I had read the script for class last year, and seen the actor portraying Billy in Deaf West’s Spring Awakening several years back, and the entire production was stunning. I love the concept of making theatre as accessible as possible, and both an interpreting team and captioning devices were available to do so.
What have you recently fallen in love with?
I’ve recently fallen in love with my school as a community. This past year I’ve been able to become more involved on campus and step outside my social circle of freshman year, and it’s been really great to feel so much more connected to my school and the people in it!
*Fun Fact: McKenna has been loving her school so much that she made a video tour with accompanying rap to show you all about her favorite spots! Check it out HERE
What do you hope to gain from working with ARTBARN?
I hope to gain experience working with people who are passionate and knowledgeable about their art. The majority of my theatre experiences have admittedly been from the position of an enthusiastic audience member, and I’m excited about the opportunity to be involved in the work that goes into being on the other end!
McKenna is currently a sophomore at the University of Puget Sound, working towards a Psychology major and a Theatre Arts minor. While much of her time is spent representing UPS on the softball field, she also participates in Curtain Call, the musical theatre club on campus. She is excited to be back working with ARTBARN after interning last summer on their production of We Remain Prepared!