Story Submissions Open Through August 10th!

The THING Festival is less than a month away and we are busy building our archive of women’s stories in preparation for our interactive installation.
There’s still time for you to contribute a story (…or 5)! 
If you were excited by the idea of writing something, this is a reminder that we are accepting submissions through August 10th.
Here’s the invitation:
  • Choose a woman to write about. This could be someone from history or someone from your own life. The only requirements are that she is someone who self-identified as a woman, who is deceased, and whose story you’d want preserved.
  • Write up to 500 words about her. This could take many forms (biography, journal entry, memory, recipe, to do list, poem, letter, etc.).
  • Include your name, her name, and her date of birth and death.
  • Email your submission/s to by August 10th

And for those craving a little more structure or help
getting started writing, we made this

So you want to contribute to the archive