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In the spring of 2016, we teamed up with the Satori Group to raise over $20,000 in support of our critically acclaimed production of WE REMAIN PREPARED! We were so deeply touched by your generosity and support. Over 130 individual donors helped fund the 4th season of ARTBARN and in doing so employed 30 exceptional artists from across the country, supported our unique residency model and ability to feed our entire creative team daily, championed our unique internship program in partnership with the University of Puget Sound and New York University, and guaranteed that we could take on our most ambitious project yet! With your support, we worked in our largest site yet and welcomed nearly 300 new patrons to experience our work. Additionally, we were incredibly grateful to the many others who helped spread the word and support us in other significant ways money can’t buy.

FracturedAtlasLogo If you intended to give but missed the campaign, or if you want to help any time throughout the year, we would so appreciate it. You can make a tax-deductible contribution on our Fractured Atlas page. We’re excited to put your donations to good use!

Our huge thanks to all of our supporters who have provided valuable support to ARTBARN over our four years… and counting!

Adam Davis
Adam Lebowitz-Lockard
Adam Peterson
Adam Standley
Adriana Baer
Aeryca Steinbauer
Alanna Butler
Alexandra Peterson
Alice Gosti
Alicia Lewis
Alisa Klein
Allie and Neil Sullivan
Allison Schwartz
Alycia Delmore
Amanda Stoddard
Amy Young
Andrea Wolinetz
Andrew Matthews
Andrew Russell
Anita Saulmon
Anna Brenner + Joanna Prozen
Anna L. Hannan
Annie Opuda
Anthea Carns
Antoinette Bianco
Ariel Glassman
Ben Bryant
Beth Burnett
Betsy Brock
Bill and Ruth True
Brian O’Mahoney
Brigetta Shelton
Cailin Ruther
Caitlin Sullivan
Carin White
Catherine McCrea
Chandler Hill
Charissa Bertels and James Pingenot
Charles Thurston
Charlie Anderson
Charlie Spitzack
Chelsey Shannon
Chloe Brown
Chris Plevin
Christine Tschirgi
Clare Tallon Ruen
Conor Dowling
Dana Catts
Danielle Morgan-Scharhon
Dante Smith
Danya Clevenger
Darcie Champagne & Jonathan Saulmon
Dashel Millihart
Dave and Carol Smith
David Chan
David Droxler
David Schultz
Deborah B. Garrett
Debra Smith
Denis Luzuriaga
Dennis Robertson
Doreen Sayegh
Edward Benkert
Elizabeth Curtiss
Elizabeth Dill
Elizabeth Edwards Corinth
Elizabeth Heffron
Ellen Baker
Ellen Cain
Emerie Snyder
Emily Madison
Eric Brotherson
Eric Ugland
Erin Culbertson
Erin Jorgensen
Erin Murray
Erin Schadt
Erin Sullivan
Ersi Smith
Ethan Folk
Frances Kao
Frank Lawler
Gabriel Baron
Geoffrey Proehl
Gilliam Buckley
Gregory Saulmon
Gwendolyn Kelso
Hannah Hessel Ratner
Harvey Saulmon
Heather Hatlo Porter
Heather Rush
Holly Coombs
Ian Merrigan
James Dickson
James Kaliardos
James Rutherford
Janet Shelstad
Jann and Herb Hill
Jared Flood
Jaron Henrie-McCrea
Jason Platt
Jeanne Cain
Jeanne Graf
Jeannie Park
Jed Dickson
Jeffrey Azvedo
Jennifer Boyle
Jenny Bustance
Jessica Applebaum
Jessica Silverstein
Jill Aesoph
Jill Cohen
Joanna Horowitz
Joel Ripka
Johan Liedren
John Leith
Joseph Keats
Joseph Paul
Josh Beerman
Judith Kuppersmith
Julia Przedmojska
Justin Brush
Kaitlyn McIntyre
Kallan Wood
Kate Sumpter
Kathryn Hannigan
Kathryn Morse
Kathryn Richardson
Kathryn Van Meter
Kathy Perleros
Kati Koerner
Kelly Standley
Kendra Hodgson
Kevin Townley
Kevin Zeck & Lisa Confehr
Kitty Peterson & Bill Peterson
Kiyo Peterman
Kristen Beam
Kurt Walls
Laura Eckelman
Lauren Hester
Laurie Coyle
Leia Grossman
Lindsay Maas
Lisa Armstrong
Lisa Wurzelbacher
Luigi Boccia
Margaret Valitchka
Mariah Prinster
Mark and Alice Smith
Maron Greenleaf
Marta Osterloh
Mary Anne & Karl Boehmke
Matthew Moore
Matthew Witschonke
Maura Shephard
Max E. Woertendyke
Meg Ganulin
Melissa Carter
Melissa House
Michael Sporer
Ming Lien Linsley
Natalie Baker
Nicholas Hubbard
Nicholas Lewis
Nick Stokes
Nikolas Perleros
Nira Sayegh
Noah Jaffe
Norah Elges
Oifan Peters
Patricia Duffy
Patricia Hanson
Peggy Goldman
Peter Donnelly
Quinn Franzen
Richard White
Robert and Shirley Smith
Robin Macartney
Rosa Vissers
Ross Cowan
Ruth Banta & Ellen Cain
Ruth & John Brown
Ruth Schauble
Ryan Blackwell
Ryan Dunn
Ryan Reilly
Ryan Sanders
Sara Freeman
Sarah Moon
Seth Grizzle
Shane Portman
Sharone Tannebaum
Shelley Virginia
Sherry and Andrew Cordery
Simon Hanukai
Spike Friedman
Stephanie Haire
Stephen Baker
Susan Perleros
Susan Piver
T Sahara Meer
Tara Moser & Sonia Barrera
Terri Galvin
Therese Dizon
Timothy Strauhal
Tina Mitchell
Torsten Zenas Burns
Tyler Rhoades
Valerie Curtis-Newton
Vernys Phillips
Virginia Logan
Wendy Vanden Heuvel
William Curtiss
William Morse III
Zarina Feinman
Zoe Levine Sporer
Zosha Di Castri
Jared Flood (Jared Flood Photography)