2017 | The Archivists

A work-in-progress showing of a new, site-specific, immersive piece about women – how we come together in crisis and perhaps how before that crisis we have the luxury or arrogance to be apart. In the near future, war has left us in a rogue state where lawlessness reigns. Systems of morality are absent and people have ceased to be outraged. The casualty is a history that had always been vulnerable – the legacies of women. But there is a resistance, a compassionate resistance comprised of a band of women who have created a refuge to care for each other and an archive to preserve the stories of the women who came before them. Stories as well-known as Eleanor Roosevelt and Marsha P. Johnson, and those whose stories may have gone unheard like Ching Shih, Caterina Sforza, and Frances Thompson. They learn by heart and tell these stories again and again – each woman in her own way – as a tribute, as a calling to protect our collective memory, as a resistance to a world that would forget them.

Created in residence in Warner Gym on the University of Puget Sound campus with support from the Department of Theatre Arts.

Directed by: Jess K Smith

Head writer: Melissa D. Brown

Contributing writers: Alana Fineman, Mckenna Johnson, Liz Frost, Erin Ganley, Molly Gregory, Adrian Kljucec, Courtney Seyl, Hannah Ferguson, Jess K Smith, Kelly McCrann, Rachael Richman, Jess Applebaum, Sara Freeman, Liza Curtiss, Shelley Virginia, Jenny Lane, Sara Keats, Darrel Frost, Laura Shearer, Lamar Lewis, Lacy Katherine Campbell, Libby Leonard, Danielle Mohlman, Matia Burnett, Ruth Brown, Jessica Fleitman, Bret Fetzer, Peter Gil-Sheridan, Kevin Townley, Ana Maria Jomolca, Zoe Levine Sporer, Claire Martin, Jake Bisuut, Renee Simms

Chef: Kate Baker Linsley

Producer: Clare Hatlo

Lighting/Scenic Design: Hannah Ferguson

Affiliate Artists: Zoe Levine Sporer, Sara Keats, Alyza DelPan-Monley , Lacy Katherine Campbell, Jake Radar Bisuut

Research Assistant: Claire Martin

Social Media Liaison: Liz Frost

Cast: Alana Fineman, Erin Ganley, Mckenna Johnson, Liz Frost, Molly Gregory, Adrian Kljucec, Courtney Seyl, Hannah Ferguson