2019 | The Archive

Help Us Remember Them

It’s an all too imaginable near future, and the stories of women are deliberately being erased. The Archivists have begun to collect and preserve them before it is too late, before they are forgotten. Do you have a story you want remembered?

Think of the women in your life, the women who’ve inspired you… What if her story was at risk? What if you were the last person to remember her? To commit their stories to memory and contribute one of your own, visit The Archive.

The Archive is an interactive installation by ARTBARN featuring hundreds of stories of those who identify as women. Audience members will be invited to read or listen to those stories, or sit down and contribute a story of their own.

THE ARCHIVE is presented with generous support through an artist residency with the  Centrum Foundation as part of THING Festival

The Commons, Fort Worden State Park
Saturday, Aug. 24th + Sunday Aug. 25th: 12-8pm

Created by ARTBARN in collaboration with our incredible contributing writers:
Adrian Fragola Kljucec
Alana Fineman
Alex Ostenberg
Andrea Clon
Andrea Lawson
Andrew Chin
Anna McKillop
Austin Van Der Veen
Avery Webb
Brian Greggs
Carla Main
Christine Walsh Rogers
Clara Yarkowy
Claudia Haon
Courtney Seyl
Dakota Keene
Daniel Graves
Darrel Frost
Debbie Jo Rock
Elizabeth Anne
Elizabeth Atkinson
Erika Holder
Erin Ganley
Evie Turri
Gary Bergan
Geoff Proehl
Gretchen Matis
Hannah Ferguson
Holly Pirret
Jade Nagy
James Wfarer
Jeffrey James Keyes
Jennifer Arches
Jennifer Lane
Jess Applebaum
Jess Smith
Jill Carroll
Jill Higgins
Joy Brooke Fairfield
Juliet Cameron-Noeldner
Justin S.
Kahlia Mafua
Katya Kirsch
Kelly McCrann
Kim Madalinski
Lacy Katherine Campbell
Lamar Lewis
Layne Clark
Leshell Bergan
Libby Leonard
Lisa Levine Sporer
Lisa Weems
Liza Curtiss
Liz Frost
Lucinda Roraback
Maddie + Riley Soukup
Margaret Chronister
Mary Sporer
Matia Burnett
Matt Ferguson
Mckenna Johnson
Melissa Brown
Melissa Van Der Veen
Melody Sky Eisler
Michael D’Alessandro
Michael Sporer

Molly Gregory
Naomi Levine Sporer
Naushard Cader
Nicki Sadow-Hasenberg
Nicole Jacqueline Perez
Nicole Turri
Nils Thompson
Patanjadi de la Rocha
Patrice Phillips
Peter Gil-Sheridan
Renee Simms
Ruth Ann Brown
Sara Freeman
Sara Keats
Teri Hein
Zoe Levine Sporer

And more!